Greetings. I am guessing that you are at this site because you clicked on a URL for a Boinc OS/2 Warp Group. I am the "founder" of a few of these sites. Founder is probably not the correct term and I prefer Group Administrator. For a couple of theses sites I applied for the "founder" position when the site advertised that it was looking for a new person, probably because the original founder was no longer active or something like that. Anyway this site serves at least two purposes. First the "founder" in these sites I administer only shows a first name and I would like to expand on that and secondly I now have an excuse to play with some new web developer software. My name is John Bilbro and I live primarily in the Northern part of a state of the USA called Wyoming. Here in the USA a person who goes to the Southern climes in Winter is known as a Snowbird. I go to Arizona in the Winter. By that you can guess that I am retired. I got started in personal computers in February of 1982 shortly after IBM's announcement (in August 1981) that they were going to produce a personal computer. I worked all my vocational stint in life in the data processing industry (main frames) first as a programmer, then systems programmer and finaly operations manager. So the announcement of a personal computer was great stuff for me. Since mainframes did multitasking I also wanted a PC that did this and jumped on board with OS/2 version 2.0. While OS/2 itself is no longer supported by IBM, an improved version is marketed by Serenity Systems as Ecomstation.
The following OS/2 Group projects are administered by me: was founded by Toonho from Malaysia. 
World Community Grid was founded by Icerny.
Seti@home was originally founded by Timur Tabi and I  offer my thanks for the chance to be the group administrator for it. Most everyone familiar with OS/2 and Seti in the "early" days of the Seti at home project (1999) will remember how active Timur was.
So that is about it, except in the following line I will give you a coded way to send me your comments.
          j  b  i  l  b  r  o   a  t    w  a  v  e  c  o  m    d  o  t    n  e  t

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